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Hans F. Sennholz

Active: 1987-1989

Dr. Sennholz is the author of more than half a dozen books––among them How Can Europe Survive (1955), Inflation or Gold Standard (1973), Age of Inflation (1979), The Politics of Unemployment (1987)––and over 300 published essays and articles. He is also the translator (with George Huneke) of Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk's three volume Capital and Interest, one of the most important economic classics of all time. The holder of two doctorates––one earned in economics under Ludwig Von Mises at New York University in 1955, the other earned in political science at the University of Cologne in 1949––Dr. Sennholz has been Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Economics Department at Grove City College in Pennsylvania since 1956. He is a trustee of the Foundation For Economic Education and, in connection with his activities In the world of business and finance, has served on the board of directors of business enterprises, as well. Dr. Sennholz is a popular and frequent lecturer to educational and professional audiences throughout the country.
(based on info from 1989 )


Aug 02, 1987
Aug 02, 1987