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This site is made possible through the efforts of many supporters who have done software development, research, and data entry.


  • Software and site support provided by Steve Rogers
  • Sandra Schwartz provided valuable documentation for the Second Renaissance events.
  • M. Northrup Buechner provided archival information for the Conceptual Conferences events.
  • Harry Binswanger provided programs and photos from early conferences.
  • Edward Peyton provided help with early conference programs and scanning.
  • Paul Cohen provided help with early conference programs.
  • Dates for Ford Hall Forum Talks came from the Noble Soul web site.

Many scans of rare conference materials were made possible with the assistance of Jennifer Woodson and Jeff Britting of the Ayn Rand Institute Archives.


  • Klaus Nordby
  • Adam Wildavsky
  • Alan McK
  • Eric Rogers
  • Jason Crawford
  • Michael Garrett
  • Harry Mullin
  • Stephanie Bond
  • Pooja Gupta
  • Lauren Meyer