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The Fountainhead Discussion Series 2020
March 27-May 29, 2020
by The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI)


Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead

A free book discussion series for students, open to all.

  • By what principles does the hero of the story, Howard Roark, live?
  • Is Peter Keating selfish — or selfless?
  • What is Ellsworth Toohey really after in his relationships with the other characters?
  • Why does Dominique Francon oppose Roark’s career even though she loves him?
  • Why is Gail Wynand’s pursuit of power doomed to fail?

Join us live to discuss these and other questions!

In this special 9-episode series, teachers from the Ayn Rand Institute will lead discussions on Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, covering background material on Rand and the book; an overview of the story; an analysis of the characters, themes and plot; comparisons to other well-known works; and how the novel relates to the era in which it was written and to today. (A similar series is available on Anthem.)

This series is aimed at high school students and first-time readers, but is open to all and will be of interest to adults and repeat readers. (Note: the discussions do not include plot spoilers.) The series would be especially beneficial to those entering the Fountainhead essay contest

Discussions take place on the Zoom webinar platform. To protect student privacy, attendees are only able to see and communicate with the teachers, not with each other.

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  • Overview at Ayn Rand Campus

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